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My name is Patty McNinch, and I am the Tuscola County Education Technician.

I retired from teaching after 32 years but felt that I still had lots to offer our families and youth in outdoor education, conservation, gardening practices and forestry. I have always had a passion for the outdoors since my childhood. I love plants, trees, wildlife, hiking, camping, gardening, and birding.  

I am so excited to share some of the wonderful things we are doing here at the Tuscola Conservation District to educate others on conservation practices. I am available to visit your school for a presentation, assist with a poster contest or photo contest, assist with school gardens, assist with a school field trip, or offer a community program.

I look forward to speaking with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

2023 Tuscola Conservation District
National Winner
Betty Neff 
10-12 grade category
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2024 Poster Contest
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                                           2024 NACD Hand Drawn Poster Contest
The National Association of Conservation Districts Poster Contest is open to K-12th grade students.  Artwork entered in the national competition must first have been judged in a local or area conservation district sponsored poster contest and a state conservation association or state auxiliary sponsored contest.

Posters must be uploaded through the online submission form found on the NACD Education Hub Contests page and I will enter the posters once I receive all the information from each district.

Your local district can select the winning posters for each grade division and the posters can be entered in the state competition for each of the grade divisions (K-1; 2-3; 4-6; 7-9; 10-12) States are not required to enter a poster for every grade level.  

State Contest Deadlines
​I am the State Coordinator for the NACD poster contest and can be contacted by phone at 989-673-8174 x 136 or by email at patty.mcninch@macd.org

The deadline to enter posters for the state competition is October 31st

Please email an electronic copy of the district winning poster for each grade category to me before the deadline.  Make sure the electronic image is clear and provides a view of the entire poster or it will not be judged at the state level.  Also, the form linked to the button below must be sent with each poster being entered for the state poster contest.

Contest Rules
• Traditional painted or drawn posters should be scanned and uploaded as a PDF.
• Size: The poster design size should meet the requirements of the state contest.
• Any media may be used, including paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, stickers, paper, or other materials.
• All posters must be created by an individual student, rather than a team of students.  Entry must be contestant's original creation and may not be traced from photographs or other artists' published works.
• The 2024 Stewardship theme “MAY THE FOREST BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS” must be included on the front side of each poster submission to be eligible for the national poster contest.
• Although younger students will most likely receive help in planning from parents or teachers, NACD encourages each student to do their own work.  Posters of students with assistance can be judged in the "Assisted" categories.
• Only official state poster contest sponsors can submit entries for the national contest. Entries must be uploaded by December 1, 2024.
NACD ⦁ 509 Capitol Ct, NE ⦁ Washington, DC 20002 ⦁ (202) 547-6223 ⦁ www.nacdnet.org

Poster Evaluations
National Poster Contest entries are reviewed based on the following criteria:
• Conservation message (50 percent) (Poster uses correct theme)
• Visual effectiveness (30 percent)
• Originality (10 percent) and
• Universal appeal (10 percent)
Local and state contest awards and sponsors will differ from state to state. Depending on the sponsoring state’s conservation association, auxiliary, or agency's preference, the national awards will be presented at a national, regional, state, and/or local conservation

The winning posters will be featured at the 2025 NACD Annual Meeting.  Each state conservation association, auxiliary or agency contact will receive notification of the judging results and a news release announcing the winners.  

For more information, please click the button or email stewardship@nacdnet.org. 
National Winner
2023 Poster Contest
Our Education Coordinator works closely with all school groups and service organizations to bring conservation practices to life.  Please contact Patty McNinch, our Education Coordinator, at patty.mcninch@macd.org or call her at 989-673-8174 x 136 to set up a visit or educational program.